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About Us – About Lifeline Labs

LifeLine Labs, a central Kentucky based biotechnology company, was born out of admiration for the most majestic animal, the thoroughbred horse.   LifeLine Lab’s CEO and founder, Davanand Doodnauth, MD, strives to bring novel technologies to the needs of the thoroughbred industry.  LifeLine Labs was created in 2005 with a focus of providing stem cell technology to repair damaged musculo-skeletal tissue.  In 2010, LifeLine Labs launched Pegasus Profile™, a unique genetic assessment tool, to evaluate horses for racing ability. In 2013, LifeLine Genetics introduced Pegasus Profile4g™ to further evaluate genetic markers for performance. This exciting new service is now available and serves as our continued effort to bring emerging biotechnology to the thoroughbred community.

  • Pegasus Profile™ utilizes the latest DNA technology to bring you the competitive edge. Whether you are selecting horses to buy, sell, breed or race Pegasus Profile ™ is sure to provide you with detailed information.