genetic material testing


Pegasus Profile™ is a personalized genetic assessment that analyzes your horse’s DNA at 100 distinct locations or markers along the horse’s 32 pair of chromosomes.  Each horse has a unique profile using these 100 markers.  The horse’s genetic profile is then compared to our growing database of over 1500 thoroughbred horses with varying ability whose performance characteristics have been documented.  An Index (i) is determined for each horse by comparing its genotype to a particular group of horses (i.e. elite sprinters, elite 2 year-olds, etc.) and normalizing it against the general population.  The greater the index the more genetic commonality the horse has with that particular group.  To view a sample profile, click hereView a second sample profile here.  See list of common abbreviations to better understand the report.  You may peruse results for horses using the webapp.  Please contact us if you would like access to more data, charts or graphs.

Results are issued 2-3 weeks from sample submission.

  • Pegasus Profile™ utilizes the latest DNA technology to bring you the competitive edge. Whether you are selecting horses to buy, sell, breed or race Pegasus Profile ™ is sure to provide you with detailed information.