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Sample Submission


DNA Collection Instructions

Hair Sample Submission Form and Directions

Blood Sample Submission

  • Contact LifeLine Genetics for DNA collection kit (styrofoam shipper with blood collection tube(s), parafilm – self sealing flexible film, sample submission form and FedEx clinical pack).
  1. Label tube with ID letter or number.  The horse’s name is not necessary for evaluation.
  2. Draw approximately 6mL of whole blood into collection tube and mix contents by inverting tube several times.
  3. Place cap on tube and wrap cap with parafilm.  The parafilm is used to prevent the cap from coming open during transit and physical jostling.  The tube can be kept at room temperature.
  4. Place tube back into Styrofoam shipper
  5. Fold sample submission form to fit into cardboard mailer; close and tape box.
  6. Place mailer inside FedEx Clinical Pack.
  7. Seal FedEx Clinical Pack.
  8. Affix FedEx Shipping Label provided by LifeLine Genetics to the outside of the package.
  9. Call LifeLine Genetics to schedule pickup of the package.
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